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Program Overview

The Trading Places Legacy program is designed to give timeshare owners more travel flexibility by providing access to an affiliate network of global resorts. Members of the exchange deposit their timeshare ownership into the network creating a pool of inventory which is then made available to all members.

When you deposit your points or week into Trading Places Legacy, they are assigned a value based on the number of points you deposit or the trading value of your home resort week. You can then use the trading value towards a vacation at another resort which is also assigned a value.

The points deposited (or home week) are then deducted from your home resort ownership.

Global Travel Options

Trading Places Legacy has resorts in 110 countries and affiliations with over 4,300 properties and you have access to it all.

Trading Value

A value is assigned to a resort week based on the supply and demand at that resort, the type of unit owned, the season, and the type of deposit.

Trading Places Legacy has a trading scale of six (6) tiers and each resort week is assigned a tier value with Tier 1 being the lowest value and Tier 6 the highest, as follows: Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 3, Tier 4, Tier 5, Tier 6.

Trading Places Legacy also recognizes the unit size associated with your ownership and is assigned upon deposit of your ownership week/points.

Resort & Seasonal Upgrades

Trading Places Legacy provides owners with greater travel flexibility than traditional exchange companies through Resort and Season upgrades. Most exchange programs limit your access within the exchange network and only allow you to book a resort week that equals the value of your ownership. With Trading Places Legacy, you have access to all exchange vacations and only pay the difference between the value of your ownership and the exchange vacation.

Here's how it works:

Owners may book the same tier level as their deposit value (deposit = tier) for no additional cost. When a resort week is valued at an amount higher than a member's ownership, they may pay for a Seasonal/Resort upgrade for the exchange vacation. The upgrade amount depends on your Trading Places Legacy membership type, deposit value, and the exchange vacation's value. The upgrade fee will be provided to you prior to booking your exchange vacation.

…and, here's a quick example: You deposit a Tier 2 and want to book a Tier 4 exchange vacation. Your membership states you pay a $179 per tier Seasonal upgrade so you will pay $358 ($179x2) plus your Tier 2 to “pay” for the Tier 4 exchange vacation.

Unit Size Upgrades

Members may upgrade to a larger unit than what is valued under their timeshare ownership for a fee. Unit size upgrade fees are based on membership type and are displayed when selecting the resort accommodation.

Booking Fees

There is a fee each time you confirm an exchange vacation. The amount varies based on the selected exchange resort's affiliation and your membership level in the program. The three affiliation levels include Home Resort, Direct Booking Partner, and RCI.

Booking an Exchange Vacation

Trading Places Legacy is available online and through your owner services team. The online Trading Places Legacy tool lets you explore real-time exchange vacation availability, deposit your ownership, and book your exchange vacation. You can also view previous deposits and manage your exchange account.

Not Ready to Travel?

For members who don't know where they would like to travel, they may deposit their timeshare ownership into Trading Places Legacy for use in the future. All deposits are valid for 5 years and travel reservations may be made up to 1 year in advance.

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